As mysterious as a fog machine and about as helpful as a man dressed in leather who occasionally steals your siblings.

What the Goblin Sommelier suggests you would be wise not to argue with.

About Me

Why hello there!

You've found my infrequently updated second blog.  ((begins to hyperventilate at the mere thought of a stranger upon the net reading these words, calm-thee, little Victorian heart)) 

Things you should expect to see here:

1. Ramblings (the wordy kind)

2. Ramblings (the tired feet and blurry photos of nature kind)

3. Once upon a time I began a blog dedicated to recipes that could stand up to extreme exhaustion.  A short lived project as I was at the time suffering from an illness whose most irritating symptom was... extreme exhaustion.  But I've always wanted to get back to that idea, so there may be the odd post on fatigue and cooking.

4. Snapshots of my extremely photogenic dog looking photogenic.

5. Commentary on the news of the day.  By which I mean... probably reviews of old Doctor Who episodes and nature documentaries.  Occasionally some actual news as well, I suppose.

If you're looking for art and art resources there's a whole other magical blog you should feel free to visit at  In addition to projects I'm working on I try to keep it stocked with links to useful stuff.  An online version of a magical artist's studio that somehow has heat and doesn't smell like chemicals and all of the snacks haven't already been eaten.  This blog is more...the kitchenette next to the magical artist's studio, where the tea and wine live.


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