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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It was like Doctor Who! Only not so much, really. But kind of. It's hard to explain.

Sometimes art happens.  Sometimes it even happens at Christmas. And sometimes, if you're very lucky it happens to look like an alien invasion.

This past weekend the Fete des Lumieres happened in Georgetown here in D.C. Several artists participated, I didn't get to see everyone's work, though I tried.  'Light' theme, near the holidays, near an ice rink and small children, near the waterfront - it's so charming you can already imagine it.  Or can you?

You can if you're imagining glowing plastic people.  Creepy glowing plastic people who are probably up to no good.

Image heavy, be warned.

The stage is set - a lovely cold December evening in Georgetown by the ice rink.  Happy people whose knees work and/or are fearless.

Aww, charm and prettiness!  Glowy snowflakes!

And down now onto the waterfront...but...why so deserted?

Oh, hey, there's something in the distance....
Oh.  Oh my.  A glowing Victorian couple down by the canal.  Hello glowing Victorian couple!  You know your pelvises are glowing, right?

Oh sweet Lord you're made of packing tape and have no faces.  Errrrrrrr....

Oh, heyyyyy, you've brought some friends with you.  Friends who also don't have faces and who like to lounge barefoot in the cold in front of swank hotels.  And by barefoot, I guess we mean it in the Biblical sense, as these folks appear to be nude.  Not something I'm ordinarily critical of, nudeness, but I just never know how to react when someone's naked and yet doesn't have a face. 

I can't deal with this, I need to get a coffee or something - and hello to you too.  There's another one of you in front of the coffee shop.  Are the process of stealing someone's bike?  While NUDE?  Not in front of MY coffee shop, dude.  That doesn't fly.

You apparently do, however, or the very least you're good at climbing onto overpasses. Actually, I am a little sympathetic - the Whitehurst Freeway can be confusing to out-of-towners, and I'm guessing you're really not from around here.

Well, good thing there's a glowing message tree orb (thank you Canada!) over by that church that I can text for help, cuz it's clearly time to.  I can hear sirens in the distance.

The message of course, 'Hello Sweetie' - if you squint I think you can see it here.  Fun reaction from the crowd when that popped up on the tree. I was clearly not the only one hoping to be rescued that evening.  That said, the Doctor doesn't appear to have shown up yet.  I'll be sure to keep you posted.  I have noticed that the plastic people have begun disappearing though, so.... here's hoping that D.C. will make it through Christmas. 

Yeah, and you may thinking at this point, whatever, those plastic people aren't so creepy.
Go take a look at the artist's site.  This was clearly only meant to be the beginning.

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